Warranty & Refunds

Warranty conditions


GiggleFone will respond to any service request within 3 business day.


GiggleFone refers to the seller running the online store is www.gigglefone.com.


Customer means any natural or legal person who has purchased the offered product for their own use. Our warranty terms do not apply if the product has been sold to a third party.


Product means any electronic product purchased from GiggleFone.


  1. general

This warranty is valid from the date of purchase for the period specified by GiggleFone. Products sold by GiggleFone are covered by a 12-month warranty.


If a technical problem occurs and the customer wishes to return the product or have it repaired, GiggleFone will cover the cost of returning, inspecting and repairing the product.


If the customer wishes to return the product for no reason, the customer should bear the cost of returning, inspecting and repairing the product. Refunds and exchanges will be processed by GiggleFone within 3 working days of receipt of the product.


Upon receipt of the product, the customer should ensure the integrity of the product before signing for it. If the customer has any problems with the product, they should inform GiggleFone within three working days of signing. In case of damage or problems caused by logistics (broken screen), please inform GiggleFone in detail and cooperate with GiggleFone.


  1. the warranty and non-warranty conditions

All problems not related to the customer's use are included; the following is a list of included problems:


  • Network
  • WIFI/Bluetooth
  • Global positioning system
  • Speakers, integrated headphones, microphone
  • Camera (front and rear)/flash
  • Touch screen
  • Charging port
  • Face recognition
  • Home button
  • Phone cannot be switched on
  • Vibration


The warranty is subject to correct use of the product and compliance with the manufacturer's maintenance instructions. The warranty does not apply to the conditions "Significantly used", "Bargain" and "Defective", or in the event of excessive use or improper handling. Furthermore, the following defects are excluded from the warranty:


  • Accessories not covered by the warranty;
  • breakage of the screen, control panel or casing or damage caused by strong shocks to the device,
  • Installation of applications on the device without the manufacturer's consent;
  • All human damage: broken screen and camera, etc;
  • Damage caused by intentional malfunction of the device (e.g. stains on the casing);
  • Damage to the device caused by misuse by the customer;
  • Damage caused by force majeure or natural disasters;
  • Products with password reset (e.g. iCloud or gmail accounts);
  • Normal wear and tear;
  • Breaks and cracks in the display, frame, back and lenses;
  • Wearing parts such as fasteners or removable memory cards;
  • Software errors due to installation of unauthorized software and apps;
  • Rechargeable batteries and batteries;
  • Moisture damage and damage caused by water, extreme heat or fire;
  • Damage to devices where the IMEI or serial number has been removed or altered;
  • Defects caused by environmental influences or chemicals such as cleaning agents;
  • Damage caused by opening or repairing the product that has not been carried out by GiggleFone or partners authorized by GiggleFone;
  • Damage caused by improper commissioning or incorrect or inadequate maintenance;
  • Minor defects of LED and OLED displays that do not limit the functionality, such as pixel errors or discoloration at the edges of the display, less than 3 white pixels on the screen;
  • faulty connections as a result of unsatisfactory radio transmission or lack of radio coverage;
  • Damage caused by accidents or as a result of theft from vehicles in which the phone was transported, vandalism, lightning, fire, moisture, penetration of liquids, unfavourable weather conditions.


For products not covered by the warranty, the customer who wishes to have them repaired should bear the cost of returning, inspecting and repairing the product.


  1. service under warranty.

In the first instance GiggleFone will repair the products.


If repair is not possible or at the express request of the customer, GiggleFone will replace the products. The replacement products will be extended for a further 3 months within the original warranty period. In case of replacement, GiggleFone will replace the defective product with a product of similar quality, i.e. same manufacturer, same condition (Fair, Good, Excellent) at the time of warranty. But according to our stock, the color of the product would change.


If the product cannot be repaired or replaced, GiggleFone will return the product to the customer or issue an invoice for the same amount.


  1. process of returning products

The customer can claim the warranty by contacting GiggleFone by email at service@GiggleFone.com.


If GiggleFone cannot solve the problem remotely and the problem is covered by the warranty, GiggleFone will send the customer a link asking them to return the product. Once the customer has completed the after-sales information, GiggleFone will issue a return label within three working days.


After receiving the return label, the customer must delete all personal data, passwords and iCloud/Gmail accounts and then send in the products within 7 days, otherwise they should start the return process again!


No more than 15 days may elapse between the time the customer notifies us of the problem and the time the product is sent to GiggleFone. If this period is exceeded, a new return process will be initiated.


We guarantee that GiggleFone will always try to respond to your concerns as quickly as possible!


  1. attention

The customer should not ship any products himself without GiggleFone's prior consent, otherwise FE will refuse acceptance.


If the customer places an order on the GiggleFone website, this means that the customer agrees to be bound by these warranty conditions.


The customer should ensure that they have read and understood these terms before placing an order.


If the customer is not sure whether a product is faulty, they can contact us immediately.


If the customer is not sure whether a product is covered by the GiggleFone warranty, they can read these warranty conditions.


6 Statutory rights

In addition to the rights arising from the GiggleFone guarantee, the consumer is entitled to the statutory warranty rights. These are not restricted by the guarantee. The guarantee also does not affect the rights that the original customer has against the seller from whom he purchased the product. A possible manufacturer's warranty also remains unaffected by this.


Last update: Feb. 1, 2024