Returns & Refunds

Returns and Refunds


The duration of the commercial warranty offered is 12 months. There is no warranty for accessories, screen protective, phone case, cable, charger, etc.

For returns, please send email to our customer service at 

Right of withdrawal

The withdrawal period specified in this section is the minimum period that must be observed. The customer's right of withdrawal is 30 days after receipt of the order, unless otherwise agreed. In the case of an order of several products that are delivered separately, the 30-day period begins with the receipt of the last of these products. The day of receipt of the product does not count towards this 30-day period, and if the 30-day period ends on a Saturday, Sunday, public holiday or non-working day, it is extended to the first following working day.

If the delivered product is a smartphone or other electronic device that is linked to a specific person or a specific account by means of a cloud service (e.g. Apple's "Find my iPhone" in iCloud), the product will only be taken back if the device is no longer linked to a specific account. If GiggleFone discovers that the device is linked to such an account when checking the device, it will be sent back to the customer for decoupling. Otherwise, we may invite the customer to pay compensation.

We undertake to refund the amount paid to the customer who has exercised his right of withdrawal no later than two working days after receipt and inspection of the product.

Sending the invoice

The invoice corresponding to the order will be provided after the oder is placed. We will send the invoice by email at the customer's request within 24 working hours.


Questions about product deliveries

1. Parcel not received by the customer

In the case of a parcel that has not been received by the buyer despite the carrier's delivery confirmation or in the case of a lost parcel, an investigation will be initiated with the transportation service provider. We will invite the customer to provide the following supporting documents: customer's declaration on his honor, photocopy of his identity card (and possible complaint if it is a case of identity theft or misuse). Once we have received the documents required to initiate the investigation, we will arrange for a refund of the order within 72 working hours.

2. Damaged packages received

In the case of a product received damaged by the customer or the seller in the event of a return, an investigation must be initiated with the transportation service provider.

In order to conduct the investigation in the case of a product delivered to the customer, we will collect evidence. Customer need to inspect the package no later than 72 hours after delivery following receipt of the product and report any non-conformity issues.

Evidence shall include:

Photo of the packaging of the product;
Photo of the damaged product;
Photo of the packaging label with the tracking number.

The investigation will be initiated once this information has been forwarded to the transportation service provider and the customer should then return the product to us with a return label provided by us.

Within a maximum of 72 working hours of receipt of proof of shipment or receipt of the product by the customer, we have two options:

  1. Send the customer a similar product;
  2. Give a refund.


Last updated: April. 26, 2024